Verdant Grounds
Verdant Grounds is a full-service lawn care and landscape company in Dallas, Texas. From ongoing maintenance to large landscape installations, our dedicated team offers comprehensive solutions for your property. We're committed to getting the results you expect. We don't just "mow and blow"— Verdant Grounds cultivates lush landscapes. Every job is done with committed service, skill, and knowledge. Verdant Grounds craftsmen specialize in working with property owners to develop and cultivate beautiful, sustainable landscaping designs and plans. Our work not only maintains the status quo, but also assures that the landscape is enhanced and regularly refreshed.

Dedicated Service

Landscapes are created for people. Caring for landscapes involves serving people. Verdant Grounds offers focused customer service, working with clients to make landscapes that fit individual needs and reflect personal styles.
Your enjoyment and utilization of the property are essential. In this way, Verdant Grounds builds and maintains outdoor experiences. We can make yours excellent.

Attentive Skill

Your landscape is an evolving environment. Overlooking a seemingly small element can poorly affect the property. We apply our skill to both the big picture small changes.
Our team cares about what we do and how we do it. Every job — big or small — is approached with full dedication and attention to detail.

Cultivated Knowledge

Proper grounds care goes beyond a green-looking lawn and colorful flowerbeds. Poorly designed or installed Design work involves thoughtful planning.irrigation can cause flooding; erosion may lead to home foundation issues; landscapes are vulnerable to pests and disease.
An ongoing commitment to knowledge informs every Verdant Grounds project. We are well-versed in all aspects of groundskeeping and landscape health. Further, the Verdant Grounds team actively pursues learning the latest in landscape care. As new techniques and information become available, we weed through it to provide our clients the best options.


Jonathan Schlimme, owner[

Jonathan Schlimme, owner


Verdant Grounds is built on integrity and passion. Owner and landscape artist Jonathan Schlimme sets the tone from the top down. His landscaping career began in High School.
Jonathan Schlimme, owner

Jonathan Schlimme, owner

"At Verdant Grounds, we exist to transform outdoor space for excellence. One of my favorite ways that we, as a company, get to help people is by planning and executing large landscape installations that are complex and transformative." - Jonathan Schlimme, owner
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    Teenage mowers are a dime a dozen, but few perform the job with real enthusiasm. As an adolescent, Jonathan looked forward to lawn care and was already devoted to providing clients with superior service.
    "People ask me a lot how I got into landscaping," Jonathan says. "I really can never give them an exact decision or moment in time that led me to it. Early in High School, I started landscaping as a good way to make some extra money. In time, though, it became a craft that I enjoyed discovering and perfecting, a service I enjoy providing, and an industry with which I'm proud to be associated."
    Then and now, he actively studies the ins-and-outs of landscape design, installation, development, and maintenance. Jonathan continued to develop his landscaping and design business while attending the University of Texas at Dallas. After graduation, he officially founded Verdant Grounds.
For Jonathan, landscaping is all about enjoyment. He enjoys the artistry, organization, personal interactions, creativity, and workmanship involved in helping clients develop and maintain their ideal landscapes. Leading his hardworking, knowledgeable team and collaborating with other talented professionals makes the job even more fulfilling.

Verdant Grounds lives up to its slogan of “cultivating lush landscapes” by focusing on clients and quality.

Caring for landscapes in and around Dallas, TX.
Client neighborhoods include:
Preston Hollow, Lake Highlands, Park Cities,
Lower Greenville and M-streets, Lakewood, Devonshire



lawn services Verdant Grounds is a full-service lawn and landscape company. Read about some of our custom services and request a quote.

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landscape services Verdant Grounds works with clients to make landscapes that fit individual needs and reflect personal styles. View some projects and services.